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12 March
Speaker Area №2
12:00-12:20Truffle "arithmetic": economy and technology of growing one of the most expensive mushrooms in Ukrainian climate conditions.
O. Dzhyha, Owner of a Truffle Farm
12:20-12:40Prospects for growing pistachios in Ukraine. Sweet potato is a potential competitor of classic potato.
12:40-13:00Paulownia is a new direction in agribusiness.
O. Opanasiuk,, Official Representative, Paulownia Clone in Vitro 112®
13:00-13:30Agrifranchise of a snail farm.
S. Danileiko, Head, RAVLYK-2016 farm
13:30-14:00Is it possible to get a profit for a farmer, making spices? Agritourism as a kind of agribusiness.
V. Shakalo, Founder, Shafran Lubymivskiy farm
15:30-15:50Senior Experts Service (SES).
R. Lowaсk, Coordinator of the European Office, The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
15:50-16:10European programs to support small and medium-sized businesses.
L. Yevstratov, Investment Promotion and Project Management Division, The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
16:10-16:30Increasing the business literacy of agricultural producers through a training game.
A. Osmak, Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation SBFIC
16:30-17:00Tips for corrugated packaging: how to deliver vegetables and fruits intact.
A. Rebro, Deputy Head of Corrugated Packaging Plant, Kyiv KPC Pulp Mill Holding
17:00-17:30Minimum viable product. How to start your own product, if you are a processing manufacturer (grass business example).
N. Kvitka, Svit Kvit
13 March
Speaker Area №2
Entering export markets and export features.
EU market and requirements for products, market entry conditions for the following commodity groups: vegetables and fruits, animal products, processed products.
Retail, examining problems from the other point of view.
11:00-11:20Introduction of GlobalGAP Standardization and Certification for Producers, HACCP for Processors, Organic Certificate for Organics.
T. Dziuba, Certification Specialist, Eurosert
11:20-11:40Problems on the way to retail and ways to resolve them (salads and greenery example).
O. Shkribliak, Co-Founder, Fresh Salat, Zaporizhzhya Region
11:40-12:00EU market and regulations.
H. Perepelytsia, Expert on Export Issues, Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
12:00-12:20Strategy for the development of the market of snails in Ukraine through farmers' associations.
A. Dziuban, Co-founder, Tante Snails
12:20-12:40The history of the cooperative organizations — from creation to construction of the own berries freezing shop.
T. Andriichuk, Member of Board of Directors, Freezing Shop Head, Faina Poliana Farming Cooperative
12:40-13:00Cooperation of berry, bee and dairy farms in Ternopil region, expediency and benefits.
I. Velyhan, Head Executive, Faini Gazdy Farming Cooperative
13:00-13:30Cooperation of farms and agriholdings — myth or reality?
V. Martiuk, Director of the Charitable Fund, MRIYA Agriholding
13:30-14:00Agricultural co-operation: legal pros and cons.
M. Dvorak, Lawyer Executive, Mykhailo Dvorak & Partners law office
14:00-14:30New technologies and innovations in modern berry business.
14:30-15:00Video production and Youtube promotion.
O. Roslov, Director, Inter TV Channel, Interschool