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Industrial Cold trade show presents full spectrum of equipment for industrial refrigeration.


  • Managing directors, chief engineers, and production managers from:
  • enterprises in storage, processing, and manufacturing of food products;
  • agribusiness enterprises;
  • industrial enterprises;
  • large trade enterprises.
  • Managing directors and technical specialists from service and installation enterprises.
  • Specialists from design and construction organizations.
  • Transport and logistics enterprises, cooling warehouses.
  • Dealers.

Thematic areas

Industrial refrigeration equipment

  • Compressors, and compressing and condensing equipment, mono-blocks, split-systems;
  • Cooling warehouses.
  • Chillers (refrigerators for liquids, gas, etc.)
  • Freezing chambers, doors and plastic curtains
  • Fast freezers and tunnels (shock freezing of foods)
  • Ice generators
  • Climate chambers for maturing sausages and cheeses
  • Climate chambers for maturing fruits and vegetables
  • Containers for fruit and vegetable storage in controlled atmosphere.
  • Integrated equipment for enterprises in the meat and dairy industry
  • Integrated equipment for supermarkets and public catering establishments
  • Complex equipment of agricultural enterprises and farms
  • Equipment for air division, nitrogen, oxygen and ethylene generators, carbon absorbers, catalytic converters.

Transport refrigeration

  • Automobile and railroad refrigerators
  • Air-conditioning for railroad wagons and busses

Air-conditioning and ventilation:

  • Industrial air-conditioners
  • Central air-conditioners
  • Precision air-conditioners
  • Refrigerant fluids (chillers)
  • Air coolers
  • Air processing units
  • Humidifiers/dehumidifiers
  • Air-ventilation systems
  • Equipment for filtration and air purification
  • Fan coils
  • Rooftops

Heat Pumps


Measurement and control devices, automation

Equipment and consumables for repairing, assembly, and servicing